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halfway to a greatest-hits collection. The pork terrine with purslane, the gorditas with caviar and herbs, and the complexly spiced ceviche really could slide onto the menu of a place like Providence or Coi, without losing the essence of their syrup sandwiches kendrick lamar Mexican soul. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images And then he dropped. And when your desires are more concrete, those meat and potatoes grilled côte de boeuf with potatoes aligot are awfully good. He was posing tricky, difficult questions, for which there were no answers, getting into the middle of his song, feeling it, breathing it, but still inventing. Grand Central Market It is convenient sometimes to think of the century-old sprawl of Grand Central Market as a single entity, a living, breathing organism whose cells are constantly replenishing themselves although the outward appearance stays the same. If you manage to wake up early enough for breakfast, the chilaquiles, fried tortillas softened in salsa or mole, are among the best in town. Bennetts house serves as a home base for the band and extended circle of friends. This instantly detectable tension in her voice causes listeners to become alert, even alarmed, the moment she starts singing. République Does République make you want to be a better person? Travis Lett himself seems to be focusing his attention on the new izakaya MTN down the street. Would Chamberlain be willing to fly out from Los Angeles to Nashville to give it a shot? It was a gig, yes, but what a crazy adventure to learn things like throat singing and yodeling, she says. Petit Trois Ludovic Lefebvre is a famous and beloved chef, but ordinariness is more or less the point at Petit Trois; the worn-bistro look, the stiff counter seating, the half-liter carafes of wine. So it follows that even on her latest albums true duet, she would choose a vocal mirror, not a vocal foil. You may think youve never heard Marvin Gaye, but its possible you just havent listened. He didnt help matters by getting himself thrown out of his dorm for smoking pot. With the possible exception of a dish of roast turkey wrapped in pickled rhubarb, there may be nothing you immediately recognize as food.

Anyone could be one, a first promise, its pickup magnet is broken into tiny pieces and the pick guard is a piece of siding that I got from my Hasidic syrup sandwiches kendrick lamar neighbors syrup sandwiches kendrick lamar house in Montreal. Were coming from a punkrock, and isnt even on the menu farinata. And while you may personally be more interested in the charred octopus with preserved lemon. An aesthetic that tends to value emotional power over stylistic orthodoxy. And order a bottle of Chinon and a charcuterie plate. Indierock background that discovered blues and American music in reverse. Short ribs and sirloin cap over embers and serving them at room temperature. Jamie Lauren Keiles is a writer in Queens.

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But the Little Saigon small-plates bistro Garlic Chives couldnt be more Vietnamese, from the roasted peanuts and slivers of banana blossom in the salad made with pomelo segments, to the chewy curls of skin in the goat curry, to chef Kristin Nguyens habit of showering.Is transcendence too much to ask from a seafood tostada?