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to the DOM and hook up the events. In addition to offering a wide range of free stuff for your html and CSS Form Elements, CSS Checkbox has a great blog and knowledge base covering a wide range of CSS topics. I hope this helps someone, it definitely suited my needs). Onchange function var allChecked ecked allChecked all. Draw_state, draw_state: function if checked this. Height - offset * 2, draw: function this. style name"Tree" fieldset border: none; name"Tree" label:after content: 'A white-space: pre; /style form name"Tree" fieldset label input type"checkbox" 1 /label label input type"checkbox" 2 /label fieldset label input type"checkbox".1 /label fieldset. Classic Checkboxes, sleek Checkbox, vlad the Impaler, google Style. For, opera the border style is actually applying the border on the checkbox element. You could also create multi-state checkboxes, if you wanted. Draw, draw_state: function if checked this. input type"checkbox" id"ossm" name"ossm" label for"ossm" CSS is Awesome /label CSS is Awesome, the above is an example of using the :checked pseudo-class to make forms more accessible. Ev_click(this false nvas this. For, firefox, Chrome and, safari, nothing happens. Extend( ev_click: function(self) return function(unused) ate (ate 1) 3; self. Opera also handles other brugt stylings on the checkbox better than other browsers: color is applied as the color of the tick, background-color is applied as background color inside the checkbox (IE applies the background as if the checkbox was inside a div with background).

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The type attribute specifies the type of element to display.The default type is text.Tip: The type attribute is not.

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