Faroe Islands, kill approximately 650 whales per year. Archived from the original on 8 February 2006. Denmark was defeated and obliged to cede Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia. The

Danish Vikings were most active in the eastern and southern British Isles and Western Europe. Denmark now aims to focus on intelligent battery systems ( V2G ) and plug-in vehicles in the transport sector. 162 Faroese and Greenlandic are the official languages of the Faroe Islands and Greenland respectively. 37 Denmark managed to avoid territorial concessions, but King Gustavus Adolphus ' intervention in Germany was seen as a sign that the military power of Sweden was on the rise while Denmark's influence in the region was declining. Archived from the original on 15 February 2016. Retrieved 24 September 2015. In the 19th century datatilsynet anmeldelse there was a surge of nationalist movements, which were defeated in the 1864 Second Schleswig War. 163 There is a limited degree of mutual intelligibility between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. 162 Denmark had 25,900 native speakers of German in 2007 (mostly in the South Jutland area). 78 Home rule was granted to the Faroe Islands in 1948 and to Greenland in 1979, each having previously had the status of counties. 67 Denmark has an outstanding performance in the global Environmental Performance Index (EPI) with an overall ranking of 4 out of 180 countries in 2016. Castle archway Arcos de la Frontera Ard Carraig Arenal Volcano Argentina Århus Aria Arizona Ark arles Arlington Arlington MA armor army arno hartmann. The Danish filmmaker Carl. Ministry of Defense of Denmark. Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 February 2007. In 1657, King Frederick III declared war on Sweden and marched on Bremen-Verden. Foreign relations edit Main article: Foreign relations of Denmark Denmark wields considerable influence in Northern Europe and is a middle power in international affairs. Nüchel, Jens; Lars Erik Skovgaard (13 December 2006). Retrieved "The weather cross the four corners of autumn weather". 30 Throughout the High and Late Middle Ages, Denmark also included Skåneland (the areas of Scania, Halland, and Blekinge in present-day south Sweden) and Danish kings ruled Danish Estonia, as well as the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. Archived from the original on Retrieved Berend, Nora (22 November 2007). The Heritage Agency of Denmark. After these events, Denmark pursued a policy of neutrality in Europe. The latter are due to the many protection laws and protected areas of significance within the country even though the EPI is not considering how well these laws and regulations are affecting the current biodiversity and habitats in reality; one of many weaknesses in the. 79 The Faroese home government is defined to be an equal partner with the Danish national government, 80 while the Greenlandic people are defined as a separate people with the right to self-determination. The foreign policy of Denmark is substantially influenced by its membership of the European Union (EU Denmark joined the European Economic Community (EEC the EU's predecessor, in 1973. Retrieved "Bird list of Denmark". The larger stone of the two is popularly cited as Denmark's "baptismal certificate" ( dåbsattest 22 though both use the word "Denmark in the form of accusative "tanmaurk" (danmrk) on the large stone, and genitive "tanmarkar" (pronounced danmarka) on the small stone. This, in turn, has evolved into more recent world-class masterpieces including Jørn Utzon 's Sydney Opera House and Johan Otto von Spreckelsen 's Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris, paving the way for a number of contemporary Danish designers such as Bjarke Ingels. 113 GDP per hour worked was the 13th highest in 2009. Geography date simulation games free edit Main article: Geography of Denmark Also related: Geography of the Faroe Islands and Geography of Greenland A satellite image of Jutland and the Danish islands Located in Northern Europe, Denmark N 2 consists of the peninsula of Jutland and 443 named islands (1,419. N 13 Membership of the Folketing is based on proportional representation of political parties, 88 with a 2 electoral threshold. Military edit See also: Danish Defence and Military history of Denmark Danish MP-soldiers conducting advanced law enforcement training Denmark's armed forces are known as the Danish Defence ( Danish : Forsvaret ). The very poor ranking in the fisheries area are due to alarmingly low and continually rapidly declining fish stocks, placing Denmark among the worst performing countries of the world.

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SAS - the biggest airline company in Scandinavia - offers cheap international flight tickets.SUFs lokalgrupper til kamp for mangfoldigheden.Lokalgrupperne i Socialistisk Ungdomsfront kæmper aktivt mod fremmedhad og for mangfoldighed.

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