three weeks sooner. Sprouting potatoes before planting can also help you if you have trouble getting your potatoes to reach maturity in your area. Buy your seed potatoes from

a reputable seed seller. Ours went out a fortnight ago. It's been 12 months since I got my allotment. In the meantime I am also going to reconcile my rather forlorn to-do list with what I've actually managed to achieve so far, and attempt to comfort myself, at least by sowing some artichoke and tomato seeds. This will keep the potatoes stable and still so that their fragile sprouts do not get broken. It can take anything from two weeks to two months, depending on the conditions and the variety: seek advice from your seed potato supplier. Then when it comes to planting, remove all but one, two or three of the shoots, depending on your preference. In order to keep the sprouting seed potatoes from rolling around, some people place the potatoes in an open egg carton. Here in the south of England most of my spud growing neighbours have been chitting since late January. In fact the kestrels - which had the largest purple sprouts in the bag - were the most successful of the three. You're konfirmations not supposed to think about planting potatoes until after Good Friday according to folklore. All you will need for sprouting seed potatoes is the seed potatoes and a bright window or a fluorescent lamp. Steps for How to Sprout a Potato Before You Plant. Below you will find the steps for how to sprout potatoes before you plant them in the ground. Just make sure that you plant the seed potatoes with the sprouts facing up and be careful not to break the sprouts. Officially they are second earlies, so won't be around until the mid summer. The second mistake we made in 2011 was to plant too many rocket potatoes. After three to four weeks, you can plant the fully sprouted potatoes into the garden in the same way you would plant unsprouted potatoes. The reality was a rather insipid, work-a-day spud with little going for it other than it was ready for harvest early at the end of May.

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