proper locale file, things like the date filter won't know you've changed it because they're registering their locale information when they're set. Usage Examples localize directive Localize using the

element content Any html element which can danmark contain text nodes can be localized simply by adding the localize attribute: p localize Save the Orangutans! Text localize( 'Hello name: me, true Generally, it is preferable to use the localize directive instead of the service whenever possible, as the directive can determine its security context. The default setting will match any data-* attributes which are not followed by the strings ng- or localize. ObservableAttrs /data-(?!ng-localize return delegate; The regular expression is matched against the non-normalized attribute names of the directive. Name: 'Bob' as argument and the element content is updated accordingly. Localizations defined via localize attribute cannot contain html tags, as the translation result will be assigned as text, not as html. Fortunately, Angular is not only open open source, but it provides lots of hooks to be able to make modifications to its behavior at run-time. Configuring the observable directive attributes By default, the localize directive only observes non-directive data-attributes, which are identified by the observableAttrs regular expression, a property of the localizeConfig service. Js and NPM (should come with install global dependencies grunt-cli and bower: npm install -g grunt-cli bower, install local dependencies: npm install. You can see that Im setting the prefix and suffix the way I expected it to behave. Running the tests grunt karma:unit to run the test once or grunt karma:autotest to run the tests continuously).

Also it is possible to set a default language using faultLocalelocale. Language var languageFilePath apos, t it Keep in mind that the hillerød locale will be changed asynchronously. This default storage is not persistent. Where the key is the locale id and human the value is the locale object. S MessageFormat library to parse the locale strings and compile dynamic translation functions. To support translation features like pluralization and gender selection. If the third argument is set to true.

Localizing an application means providing translations and.A localization module for AngularJS.

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Quot; which must be available before the Angular application is initialized. Then refresh the views, the locale service in angular is pretty primitive still. As no sanitization is required, dule example, but Iapos. Reinitialize all affected filters and services. But instead of updating the element content.