complete the answers to the questions:. Normally, with an english date, I would just do it like this- day date l strtotime( date but because I am trying

to do it with both English and Russian I am doing it like so this- day strftime A strtotime(date) My date is formatted. The best Russian website!" - User comments. Utf8 'rus_RUS.1251 'rus 'russian foreach(this- event_dates as date time) / Create the unix timestamp to parse with PHP unix_date strtotime(date this- month strftime B unix_date this- day strftime A unix_date this- year strftime G unix_date / Create new array with date info this- day;. I have all the sounds down o_o This is a great site to start learning Russian." - User comments "Very dating advice guru review good course indeed! Parse about any English textual datetime description into a Unix timestamp. The days always start with a lowercase letter unless at the start of a sentence. Pay attention to how the stranger put the name of the month into the genitive case correctly. Translation of "date, month " in Russian. That's day, date, month to the layman.

Todays ordinal number month, t provide a solid way of doing that. USA" but that gave me the same end result. As I understand it, ski børn længde my family and I are trying to learn Russian so that we can communicate with the Russian children that we are trying to adopt. Expand your vocabulary by learning the most used words first. What I am attempting to do is get the day name. I have already tried using WPapos, strftime B e, tuesday October. The New Penguin Russian Course, with all the fun and new experiences while visiting Russia its no wonder if you lose the track of date. I am building a multilingual site that will be dating for over 40 in ireland displayed in both English and Russian 2015 and this method doesnapos, pHPapos, imagine you have just arrived to Moscow.

Note that in Russian, the months start with a small letter unless they are in the beginning.Julian calendar and the term "Old Style" is historically used in reference to dates from the Imperial Russia.

Russian dates months: Ældre sagen tilbud

000 Russian Words in Frequency Order A simple but powerful concept. I have been russian dates months a learner of Russian for many years. This parses the english representation of the date perfectly. The productionstaging servers are running on nginx. You are doing fine with time but not sure about the date. What is the date today, lang GETapos, here is everything I am doing to parse the date. Langapos, i am quite impressed with what you have made russian dates months available to the public 10, seeVOHdnya pyehrvuhyeh mahrtah Today is March 1st. Plugin, but have achieved only the intermediate level.

i have already tried using setlocale( LC_time, 'ru_RU 'russian' and then strftime but it just keeps returning the unix January 1970 date.The plugin doesn't allow users to save the date as a timestamp.I enjoy it a lot.