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movement to be different or out of the Foundations making it worthy for the eyes Live : an adjective used to describe someone raising the energy in the session or battle. The Oakland dance style turfing is a fusion of popping and miming that incorporates storytelling and illusion. The root word "Krump" came from the lyrics of Californias Mean Streets. 16 Krump has since spread to many different countries around the world There are four primary moves in krump: jabs, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. See Behind the Scenes, choose Kremp - The Flower Experts. Krump' Dances Into Mainstream". Even as far as Australia, an American-Born dancer named Darrio "Street Dance" Philips introduced it into Australia's existing dance culture, and has grown to be an underground form of dance expression. There are instances where a little is being mentored by two bigs. 7 Krump is rarely choreographed; it is almost entirely freestyle ( improvisational ) and is danced most frequently in battles or sessions rather than on a stage.

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (movie title, 1989).Rize Dancing Above.A.'s Mean Streets".The Heart of Krump (DVD).