disappears and after wearing the final Rift hardware and using the Touch controller, I can affirm that Oculus is well on its way. I could pick up blocks and

balls, and I could flick and punch big octagons. Hovering over an object to pick it up, I received a slight vibration that subtly told me that it was possible. Toybox and the Oculus Touch is probably another level of that. Then, as if to leave nary a stone unturned, add some haptic feedback. The demonstration was completely interactive. Next we used guns. The Touch controllers manage to fit quite naturally in your hands. Lucky's Tale, which is one of the many delightful games that will be available for the Oculus Rift upon launch, gamer girl dating site and while his head is already churning through the possibilities with Touch, his team is focused only on getting its first homoseksuelles rettigheder i usa game ready for launch. When you give a thumbs up - you get the idea. That's a tall task. Once I punched a big blob, and it took us through a portal and into space; to another level, if you will. When I punched or flicked objects, they reacted, but I didn't get any physical feedback (and thus, joy) out of my violence. If you took a game controller and reshaped it to be an extension of your hand, and then mirrored it so that each hand had one, you'd have the feel and the shape and the action of the Oculus Touch controller prototype known as Half. The Touch controller is a year away, scheduled to ship a full quarter after the first Oculus Rift ships, and Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told me repeatedly that this is just the first generation, but for anyone frothing at the mouth over the possibilities. More haptics, more feedback from my actions, more immersion, more joy. We lit sparklers and the dynamite. Well, it's full of toys, wouldn't you know. I suspect most of the developers creating games for the Rift are in the same boat. The triggers nest themselves at your middle fingers and the base of your palm, and you'll find the joystick at the edge of your thumb. There was a hint of this in the Toybox, and an Oculus representative told me that the demonstration does have the ability for two players to get right into the physical space of each other. Out came a tether ball, and we played like two schoolchildren on the playground. He picked up a special laser gun and fired it, and made himself gigantic. (I learned this later.).

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