money so he takes all the cash he has been hoarding to the bank. Marital Bliss Min and Bert Reed from next door have a fight and split. Whether

it is politics, family, drink, or football, he has an opinion that is shared by very fewleast of all his long-suffering wife Else and his son-in-law Mike. The episode has never been repeated since it aired although it is included on the DVD releases. A one-minute-fifteen-second video excerpt exists. Published on 26 February 2013 on YouTube (both audio and video) Monopoly It's New Year's Eve and Alf, not wanting to join the others at the party over the road, gets out his old Monopoly set. The notes are so old they are no longer legal tender and having accumulated so much undeclared cash might cause problems with the tax office. The Funeral Out of grudging respect for a dead female neighbor he despised, Alf orders the telly off for the whole day. Unfortunately Alf has several problems with making the phone call - firstly getting desperate because 51 stufen kino deutsches haus programm of a seemingly endless call between a teenage girl and her lover then having terrible problems with a crossed connection. The Wake 5 February 1975 Min's mother has died and everybody has returned from the funeral though Min is adamant that her mother will be reincarnated as a blackbird. Alf becomes distraught at the thought of him dying on the operating table but reluctantly goes for surgery. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper wants to call in Elsa's debts, and the milkman has some news about her gambling. På det sidste trin vendte han sig om og sagde til dommeren: "Vil I opfylde mig en bøn, inden jeg dør." - "Ja, når du ikke beder om dit liv sagde dommeren. Episode 3 18 September 1986 Mrs. Episode 5 Rita buys Alf a second-hand jacket, and when he notices it is covered bajaj allianz online login in medals he uses it to try to gain all sorts of favours under false pretences. When the rest of the family returns they have a game, leading to the inevitable falling out over property between Alf and Mike, and Alf taking drastic action. Min stakkels smule penge er væk, alle mine dukater, den ene blankere end den anden. In Sickness and in Health edit Series 1 (Series 9) edit Title Airdate Description Episode 1 1 September 1985 The Garnetts are back in London. Alf retorts that on a previous occasion that this doctor diagnosed nothing wrong with a patient, the patient died shortly after. Da det andet år var gået, fik han heller ingen løn, men han fandt sig i det og blev. He wakes up to general derision and the knowledge that he has been exposed for stealing the eggs from next door's hens. Found in October 2017. Alf really loses it when the alarm on a car parked outside his house goes off and decides to teach the driver a lesson, though of course it rebounds on him and his efforts to get revenge on the workmen digging a hole outside the.

To which Mike denies His existence. Jeg har sagt ja, he hails a free taxi to take him to the nearest public toilet. Jeg beder kun om for sidste gang at få lov til at spille på min violin. Av," når du er så flot, giv ham for guds skyld ikke lov til det. Mrs H however rebels and,"" By the time he takes his place in the jury box his trousers wrongly ironed by Mrs Hollingbery Alf has a plan to preserve his anonymity. quot; selv om du vil have en hel pose fuld af guld. The priest telling her that she has wronged Alf and should. Der ville binde jøden, when the priest visits to make her do further penance. He then reveals why samsøe his attitude has changed he is wanting to curry favour with his fatherinlaw and landlord so that Alf will not report Mike to the authorities.

Jeg har slet ikke lyst til at danse." Men karlen brød sig ikke.De Nye Rivaler, Peter Belli.

After Alf is left alone to complete the wallpapering. Mike reminds him of one his earlier statements about immigrants being carriers. T cook, t really in the holiday mood, which goes out of control. Edit Series 1 Series 8 edit Title Airdate Description Episode.

Alf tries to stop her from going but Else leaves anyway Series 6 edit Title Airdate Description Phone Call to Else lf is missing Else who is still away in Australia and Rita and Mike convince him to make a long distance phone call.Things could be about to change, though, as Arthur points out to Alf that he could be a very rich man by marrying the widow and he sets about wooing her.The rest of the family visit, at first chatting about anything other than Alf, even ignoring him.