potential matches that you have an adventurous personality and that you are curious about the world. Nobody comes on Tinder because they feel like playing Sherlock Holmes. If youve

got a profile written by Shakespeare but a photo taken by Quasimodo, then you are going to have some problems. Hi everyone, I have a technical question: I can't update my profile, basically I can't choose my gender and I can't write anything in my bio, if I do and it the back button, either on my phone or in the app, I receive. Avoid group shots, not only are group shots ineffective at presenting you, they also make people think youre trying to hide something. I'm on Android,.0, the app is the latest version as far as I can tell. There are a couple of imperfections in the system. If you're seeing an error message, please make sure you have a strong internet connection and please try again later. Include cute animals, if you have a cute pet, feature a pic of you with. To log out, open Tinder tap the profile icon at the top left-hand corner of the main screen Settings Logout. That means some of those potential matches will see inferior images (if you have them) instead of the best one. Caps augment the damage. Tinder Smart Photos, in 2016, Tinder introduced, smart Photos, an algorithm that examines the behavior of the people who are looking at your profile pictures. Its basically picking which of your pictures looks the best by looking at how often each picture attracts a match. While not perfect, it does force everyone to raise their game as far as images. There was a time when you would spend an age reordering profiles photos in Tinder. Its OK to mix this up a bit and have some moody or model shots where you look thoughtful, but make the majority of your shots cheerful ones. Dont just borrow a random puppy for a quick selfie, but if you own a dog or cat, posing with it can seriously upgrade the swipe potential. What I've tried so far is disconnecting and reconnecting, ariane turn off and on my phone, deleting and reinstalling the app, nothing works. Bad photos equals bad outcomes; if youve dont have good photos, the simple truth is that nobody is going to get a chance to give you a chance.

Tinder profile picture won't change

Here are a few tried and tested tips for great profile scissor position pictures. Nobody is going to swipe right if they cannot clearly identify who they are swiping for. Now you need to make sure every profile photo is a good one and that each shows you off at your best. It then compiles information in a database about how often each of your profile pictures earns you a positive match. However, is it better to get a hundred matches and ten dates. However, if every single one of your profile pics is digitally altered. The truth is that the best way to get the optimum results for your swipes is to use Tinders own builtin Smart Photo feature. Show your hobbies, whether prescription lenses or sunglasses, showing them in your Tinder profile is a good thing. All of whom end up rejecting you because they dont like the person who shows.

As a reminder, to change your bio, tap the profile icon at the top left-hand corne.If you ve updated your bio and the changes won t save, please make sure.If you re having trouble uploading a photo from Facebook, make sure your photo s are in a public album or at least visible to your friends (not only you).

Tinder profile picture won't change

On occasion, at first, if you enable the feature, wear a cap and your chances drop by 12 percent. Also see our article, its a shame we cant have multiple text profiles so that we can test different approaches with aalborg our words. Your personal profile is obviously important in any dating situation but reality check nobody looks at your profile until after theyve looked at your pictures. These traits are viewed positively by nearly everyone. Also, the Best Tinder Pickup Lines for a Successful 2017. Most critically, so it is crucial when using Smart Photos to make sure that all of your pictures are at least pretty good. Smart Photos make Tinder do all the hard work for you. Which shows you off at your best.

Share them with us below!The sad truth is that instant gratification is king.It seems that I can update my photos though.