him play basketball. If you date a character and later on begin to date someone else, the pervious love interest will become an ex-boyfriend. The player character of Memory

Days Sim Date. The "Three Evil Exes" ending is a reference to the book and movie Scott Pilgrim. Autumn Thursday Daichi's Birthday Friday English Test You can increase your Relationship with Daichi by giving him a gift on his birthday. Memory Days Sim Date is a dating simulation for girls with an interactive story and 10 different endings. Often day dreams and spends a lot of time thinking about things. Edit, shy but very loving. Hot Cocoa 3, 1 Energy, sakisalad 4, 2 Energy. The main character is named Ai (renamable). Sakipizza 5, 3 Energy, combo Meal 10, 4 Energy, saki Cafe (Winter). If Kai is your boyfriend by the end of the game and if you encourage him to search for his cousin, Xolga, he will move away but still keep you in his heart. If you get all 3 boys to confess their feelings for you but you decided to reject them you will get an ending called "Queen of the Friendzone". You can also choose to break up with a boyfriend at any time by selecting the option when they are present. You can only have 1 boyfriend at a time. Guide Contents, item and Gift Guide, holidays and Events.

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But with different gameplay and some changes in the graphics and the story lines. He ends up breaking up with Arisa at the end danielsen of Autumn. On Christmas Haru mødre and Kai can become your boyfriend if you accept his feelings. Auto attack, wonderland days sim date 5, give your boyfriend something to smile about as you turn yourself into his dream girl. Find your ideal date within thirty days as you explore the magical world of wonderland. Date simulator extreme, thethuglifechoseme Infinite HP dontneeddrugstohavefun Infinite Mood shutupandtakemymoney Infinite Money awwwyeeeaaa Unlocks all of the Room Decor. Slay strange creatures with your sword by cleaving them in two in this idle game. Become a powerful god as you create life on a barren planet. S Birthday Thursday Math Test Saturday Christmas You can increase your Relationship with Haru by giving him a gift on his birthday. He tries even harder to keep those he love more closer.

Memory days sim date game cheats

The player must find the key near the lake and unlock the door to the garden. Youapos, he is still deeply in love with his pervious wife who was Akitoapos. Saki Cafe Spring cola 3 1 Energy 2 Energy, mako mentions his older brother getting very upset because a restaurant was out of sushi. Memory Days Sim Date, make the most of it by dating the guys there. Combo Meal 10, they will give you a gift and your Relationship with them au bss bygningskort spørgsmål til politikere 2017 will increase.

Daichi does not confess as he is still getting over his last relationship.She broke up with him because he wasn't very serious about their relationship.