theory to do Time Machine backups to a Time Machine Server via SMB instead of AFP. App but not officially supported on a Time Capsule. Part 1 - Create

a share. Then, in System Preferences- Time Machine choose time machine synology "Select Disk." You should hopefully see one or more entries under "Available Disks" referring to your NAS. Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support. DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base Synology Inc. Click Next, make sure the user is in the users group and click Next. I was able to use the existing backup without issue as opposed to needing time machine synology to remove my previous backups. Set user name to, time Machine Device Name (e.g. Otherwise, it will take entire volume space, because Time Machine is making backup history until ran out of disk space. Next you have to change the AFP protocol settings because they are broken by default. Check the box to give the user Read/Write access to your Time Machine Backups share (or whatever you named it). Question: Q: Hi, with the release of DSM.1 (on a DS212 I have moved Time Machine from AFP to SMB. Its good to give a minimum twice as much" as your data amount on Mac (HDD or backed up folders for which you are creating this Time Machine user account. In fact, Time Machine properly recognizes both the network share and protocol (SMB as default) when setting it up via 'Select Disk.'. If Enable AFP Service is not checked, check. This part IS very important: Set the" to about 3 times the size of the drive you're going to back. App and acting as a Time Machine Server, or an Apple Time Capsule also acting as a Time Machine Server. Unfortunately it didn't want to do that. For context, Im writing this article in August 2017 using DSM.1.315152 Update 2 and macOS Seirra.12.6 (fresh install). See i?id12380 So the current situation is that Time Machine over AFP to a NAS is in general possible and in many peoples experience 'works'. I'm running on SMB3 on macOS High Sierra. I hope the experience is less miserable for you than it was for. (I had SMB enabled already, but of course this now needs to be turned on if not.) I then also needed to disable AFP and instead enable SMB for Bonjour service discovery of DSM File Services Advanced Bonjour. That should get it done for you. Next you need to create a user to access the share. Whats wrong with a dedicated backup user? Being a Mac user, I feel that it should be as simple as clicking a button that says "turn on Time Machine backups" but oh no, it couldn't be that simple. Time Machine over SMB to a NAS however is an unknown entity and very likely to still have issues and I would therefore even myself not yet rely. You can put a pretty UI on it, but it's still BSD.

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This makes the Diskstation do the encryption which will save resources on your Mac. Synology raid calculator to help determine how you mennesker want to set up volumes. quot; im excluding, i can just tell my Mac to use it as my Time Machine disk. Click the OK button, next you have to change the AFP protocol settings because they are seekings broken by default.

1 Create shared folder Go to Control Panel app Shared Folder button Create set folder name as Time Machine.5 Steps to a Working Synology Time Machine.

So this feature would waste space. Switch to SMB, if you have one volume in SHR2. I would use the add new user accounts designed dame specifically for each Mac computer that is going to be backing up via Time Machine Main Menu Control Panel User Create. One pool of 12TB usable space. quot; with respect, if you need to share files. Slight performance penalty in situations where there is significant use from two sources. Or macOS Server, and myself for accessing files, macOS times network operations out when I connect to the network location as two different users a time machine user for backups.